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Membership Application The Code of Ethics:

The Code of Ethics is the work of a steering committee comprised of seven volunteers from three breed rescues and three all breed canine rescues and one retired foster specializing in rescue transport. These committee members each bring to the table at least twenty years of personal, hands on, foster–based rescue experience and in some cases, more. The ethics we share evolved from deep in the trenches where the day to day work of rescue has brought us into contact with many teachers, starting with the dogs themselves and including many veterinarians, trainers, groomers, adopters, breeders and of course, those rescue savvy mentors who went before us as well as our many peers.

From this base of experience we have, in The Code of Ethics, sought to distill home-based rescue principles that provide a framework for similar minded rescues.

For those adopters who seek an honestly appraised dog who has a known and documented medical and behavioral record and a rescue that will work to match them with a dog that meets their lifestyle and family setting, will be there to support them, as needed, after the adoption and who will always be there to take back any dog that either simply did not “work out” for that adopter or for whom life’s various crisis’ have created a need to give up the dog, the Michigan Dog Rescue Advocates and our Code of Ethics will provide an assurance that in our membership, you will have that kind of rescue.

For those public and private shelters who seek a rescue for their dogs that will provide the assurance that the animal will never again reproduce, enter their own or any other shelter to become a reoccurring burden on their resources or be handed out to the public without sufficient medical and rehabilitative work or languish at the end of a chain in someone’s back yard, our organization and this Code of Ethics identifies the type of rescue that you seek.

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